Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Kompaktor Rejectpresse diam. 550 mm

Brand new reject compactor

Type B 550

Screw diameter: 550 mm

Max throughput 300 m³/ day

Inlet Consistency: 5 % minimum
Outlet consistency: Up to 80 %
dependant on flexible to fibrous material

Screw compaktor 550 mm screw diameter


Stainless steel chest 32 m³ volume

stainless steel 32 m³

Drucksortierer Ahlström M60

Pressure screen:

type: M 60

manufacturer: Ahlström

year of manufacturing: 1986



Ahlstrom M 60

Eindicker Ahlstrom 5000 mm

Thickener Ahlstom

type: PRS 2030-1R
made 1993
capacicty: 125 tpd
inlet: 2-4% otro
outlet: 5- 6 %
SR: 30 -35° SR
drive: 11 KW

Drum length: 3,2 m net

overall length: 4,5 m approx.

height: 2950 mm
max weight: incl. water 17400 kg

Ahlstrom PRS 2030-1R 5000 mm 125 t/24h


Centrifugal pump in good condition

Made by Allweiler / Germany

Capacity: 120 m³/h

Pump height: 20 m

Required RPM: 1450

Housing made in cast iron

Allweiler Centrifugal pump 270 mm 120 m³ / h

Yankee Zylinder

Yankee cylinder:

manufacturer: east european licensed by Voith

year of manufacturing: 1982

size: 2330 mm

diam.: 3000 mm

design pressure: 4 kg/ cm 2

operating pressure: 6kg/ cm2

section thickness: 50 mm



East european licensed by Voith Yankee 2330 mm x 3000 mm

Pappenmaschine 2850 mm

Grey millboard production machine

Grammage range: 1000 - 2000 GSM
Width: 2850 mm
Capacity: 36 t/day

Consisting of
Approach flow system:
1 Voith size 10 pressure screen
1 Finkh vibrating screen
1 Andritz Mixing pump

Board machine:
2 cylinder mould
Coutch roll

Forming section with:
Forming roll: 1500 mm diameter
Pre press roll: 350 mm diameter
Breast roll: 460 mm diameter
Complete with drive, spare rolls

General refurbishment: 1991
Refurbishment: year 2007, Renewing of cylinder mould with couch roll,
Installation of Siemens S7, Framing in stainless steel
Octopus distributor in stainless steel.
Table, working width 3.000 mm
Length: 6.000 mm

Working width: 3.000 mm
Length: 7.000 mm
With guide roll and embossing calander

Working width: 3.000 mm
Length: 5.500 mm

Length cutting unit
Working width: 4.00 mm
Length: 2.500 mm
With water jet cutting

Steam - Flat dryer
Made by: Schilde
Transport with chains
Working width: 4.800 mm
Dryer length: 18.000 mm
With ventilators
Refurbished: 2008

Working width: 4.800 mm
Length: 3.000 mm
Refurbished: 2007

Gas Dryer
Heating power: 1.400 kW
Made by: Dornier
Working width: 4.00mm
Dryer length: 14.000 mm
With heat exchange and heat recovery
Year: 2007

Flat dryer
Hot air drying
Made by: BSH
Working width: 4.800 mm
Length: 25.000 mm
With 5 Drying chambers
Gas burner Ventilators
Heat recovery
Refurbished: 2008

Length cutting device
Made by: Schohr
Year: 1973

2 Hydraulical layboys

European Cylinder mould 2850 mm 36 t/ 24 h

Horizontal Sortierer

Was used as 4 . step in approach flow system

Into the machine suit the Voith size 10 screen baskets

Installed is a bump rotor


European manufacturer Qualifiber Finalscreen - -

Drucksortierer Gr. 1

Horizontal screen:

size 1

manufacturer: Finckh

year of manufacturing: 1988

Finckh Horizontal screen 1

Drucksortierer Voith/Finckh Gr. 2

Pressure screen:

type: Gr.2 / size 2

manufacturer: Voith / Finckh

year of manufacture: 1984

housing material: stainless steel

motor power: 45 kW

screen size: 2 mm hole



Finckh Gr.2 / Size 2 Size 2