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Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Sheet cutter for board 3200 mm

Jagenberg sheet cutter for board 3200 mm 160 m/min

Zentrifugalpumpe Andritz

Gebrauchte Zentrifugalpumpe:

New pump 2013 Year

Model: S3-15-400.3 DD

Q-400 M3H

P-55 KW

T-20 DC

DIA- 370MM


N- 1480 L/MIN

Andritz S3-15-400.3DD

Papiermaschine für Kraftpapier 4500 mm

Max. Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit: 600 m/min

Grammaturen: 70 -120 g/m2

Voith fourdriner 4500mm ca 200 t/day

Doppelscheibenrefiner Jylhävaara-Sunds DD 900

Jylhävaara double disc refiner in good condition. Including gearbox Motor power: 300 - 800 KW
Jylhävaara, Sunds, Jylhä Disc DD 900 900 mm disc diameter 40 - 200 t/day

Doppelscheibenrefiner Escher Wyss DSR 2 HEP

Gebrauchter Doppelscheibenrefiner Escher Wyss DSR 2 HEP


max. power input                               450 KW

speed                                                 735 1/min  

max. torque                                       2700 Nm

throughput of beating refiner             520 – 1800 l/min

                                                           1250 – 4320 kg/h

                                                           30 – 100 t/day

                                                           Referred to 4% stock consistency

as brushing refiner                             2300 – 3500 l/min

                                                           4830 – 7350 kg/h

                                                           100 – 150 tons /day

                                                           Referred to 3,5 % stock consistency

Stock consistency                             3 – 6 %

Escher Wyss DSR 2 HEP

Rotor für Voith Ausschusspulper 900 mm

Unbenützer und original verpackter CP- Rotor für Ausschusspulper vom Hersteller Voith. Durchemsser des Rotor 900 mm .

Für Ausschusspulper mit ca 12 m³ Volumen

Voith Rotor for horizontal broke Pulper CP-D900 900 mm

Vacuum former Voith Sulzer

9 units second hand vacuum former:

Poduct:  White lined chipboard: GD2,GD3,GT2. Basis weight range 230-500 g/m2.

Wire width: 3630 mm

Slice width: 3400 mm

Sheet width at reel (pope roll): 3.200 mm

Max operating speed: 350m/min

Additional equipment for forming section like vertikal screens, suction rolls of Couch press, vakuum fans... can be available on demand

Voith Sulzer Saugformer 3630 mm

Umroller Voith 3300 mm

Used rewinder from Voith.

Tambour unwinding

In 2006, electric motor drives and cutting knives (Tidland) were completely replaced
Drive speed after reconstruction (max):1200 m/min.

Right hand drive
Parent roll diametar (max): 2500 mm
Paren roll width (max): 3300 mm
Roll diametar after cutting (max): 1800 mm
Rol width after cutting (max): 3200 mm
Rol width after cutting (min): 300 mm
Core inner diametar: 76 mm i and 150 mm
Number of knives: 6 (six)

Voith Double drum rewinder 3300 mm 1200m/min

Umroller Valmet 2700 mm

Gebrauchter Umroller:

Manufacturer: Valmet      

Manufacturing Year: 1980 ies

Type    Twin Carrying rolls type KL 200
Paper width mm    2700           
Speed m/min    1500      
Max rewind.    1500      

Max unwind.    1500      
Knives (no)    5      
Salvage winder, Valmet, double drum winder Unwind stand:
max 2700 mm reel width, possibility to run to 3000 mm after modifying the unwind Shaftless unwind lifting from floor, hydraulic brake system, web tension control Min roll to be lifted: dia. 460 x 500 mm Fife Edge Guide system Knife system with four to five knifes, driven bottom slitters Shaftless rewinding Carrying roll dia. 787 x 3150 mm, Molybdenum coated Min winded roll dia. 360 mm Rider roll dia. 267 x 3150 mm Dual motor drive, ABB DC motors of 49 kw each, 867 rpm, 620 V DC, Exc. 220 V DC drives: ASEA Thyrak L
Control: Siemens Simatic S5 115U

Valmet Twin Carrying rolls type KL 200 2700 mm 1500 m/min

Vakuumpumpe Siemens Elmo 2 BE14051BY3Z

Siemens 2 BE 1405 1 BY3Z