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frequency inverter


Typ: SAMI800F380

Code: 61157930

Nr.: 4421EB003


The frequency inverter consists from 4 modules

Modul1: SAFUL1000F415

Modul2: SAFUC1250F500

Modul3: SAFUB630F415

Modul4: SAFUI1000F500


Motor: 560 kW

frequency inverter

Gleichstrom Motoren Siemens

Gebrauchten Gleichstrommotoren Siemens:

- 4 Pc.: 1GH5108-OED46-6JU7-Z              5,8kW
- 20 Pc.. 1GH5132-0GB40-6JU7-Z             7,3kW
- 2 Pc.. 1GH5134-OGC40-6JU7-Z             11,5kW

Siemens DC - -

Elektromotor Siemens 8500 kW

Gebrauchter Elektromotor von Siemens

KW: 8500

Siemens 8500 KW 8500 KW -

Gleichstrom Motore

Complete set of motors with gearbox for single drive of paper machine:

year of manufacturing: 1979

grammage: 70-450 g /m³

speed: 150 m/ min

paper web width: 2200 mm

Direct current motors