Tissue Verarbeitung und Verpackung

Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Semi automatic napkins folding and packing line

Gebrauchte Napkins line (Perini):

  • CASMATIC CMF 340 (2004)
  • PERINI F8020 Bade folder for 8.2 (2005)
  • PERINI Folding Unit 24x24(2005)
  • PERINI Folding Unit 33x33 (2005)
  • PERINI Unwinder for 8.2 (1200 mm) (2005)
  • PERINI Printing unit 2C (2005)
  • PERINI P/S continuous embosser (2005)
  • PERINI P/S embosser (2005)


Folding type ¼

Sheet size I 240x240

Sheet size II 330x330

2 embossers (Continues 24/ Border type 33)

2 printing units

Transfer from folding to packaging machine - manual

Paper width 240mm/330mm

1-3 plies

20-250+ napkins per pack (depends on paper gsm, plies)

Packaging into film (transparent or print)

Final pack dimensions width x length: 120x120mm or 165x165mm

Final pack height 30-165mm

1 or 2 sheet bundles per pack:

Max speed 1200 sheets/min.

Full documentation in ENG

Perini Semi automatic Napkins folding and packaging line - -

Tissue roll packing Cassoli

Gebrauchte Tissue rollenverpackungsmaschine

24-40 packs per minute (depends on the size of the pack

Preparation / reconfiguration of the machine 25 min or less, depending on the pack

various packing configurations: 2/4/6 horizontal 8/10/12 vertical

Was used to two-pack kitchen towels

Dimensions 3,9 x4,2 x 2 m high (including modules)

Weight: 7,5 tons

Cassoli RA / 10 CIV - -

Doubliermaschine 5200 mm Voith

Gebrauchte Doubliermaschine von Voith für Tissue

1 Doubliermaschine mit 2 Abrollungen und Mehrmotorenantrieb

PU  =        4800 – 5280 mm
PB  =         4800 – 5220 mm   ( max. Messerverstellung 5300 )

V(Konstr.)        =  2200 m/min
Antrieb:   rechts

Erzeugnisse:  Tissue und sanitäre Krepp – Papiere 17-26 g/m2

Abroll-Durchmesser   max. 2400 mm
Aufroll-Durchmesser  max. 2200 mm


Voith Doubling machine and rewinder 4800 - 5280 mm 2200 m/min

Cassoli Pack 110 für Tissue Rollen

gebrauchte Verpackungsmaschine für Tissue Rollen

Cassoli Pac 110

fully automatic

is able to pack 2, 4, 6 tissue rolls

produce 60 bis 80 p/min

Cassoli Pac 110 60 to 80 packs per minute

Schrumpftunnel Gramegna Champion

Gebrauchter Schrumpftunnel

Gramegna Champion

Kleiner Schrumpftunnel

kleiner Schrumftunnel - Verpackungsmaschine


Fix / Italy - - -

Verpackungsmaschine Cassoli

Gebrauchte Verpackungsmaschine vom Hersteller Cassoli für Toilettenpapier

Cassoli - - -

Toilet Roll/Kitchen Roll Perini Tissue Winder

Toilet Roll/Kitchen Roll Perini Tissue Winder with log saw
Year of make  1999
Working width - 2700mm
Model    716 B
Fully programmable in winder and log saw
Unwind width = 2700mm
Unwind diameter = 1200mm
Core dia = 70mm
Power Supply = 380 Volts - 3 Ph  50 Hz
54 kW  -  50 kA
The Machine and can be seen running.
Perini Toilet Roll/Kitchen Roll Perini Tissue Winder 2700 mm -

Toilettenpapier + Küchenrollenlinie

Full toilet paper and kitchen roll production line for sale

Make: DeChangyu
2 x unwind stands
2 x embossing/laminating stations
1 x slitter rewinder
1 x Accumulator
1 x log saw.
Make: Cassoli Pac 930
Pack sizes 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 toilet rolls.
Hayssen outer bagger
The line has been rewired and re programmed, new PLCs, drivers, gears and HMI panel.

DeChangyu Kitchen and toilet roll paper converting line 2700 mm 250 m/min

Toilet- Kitchen roll line Gambini - TMC

For sale used state-of-the-art  integrated production & packaging line for toilet paper and kitchen rolls, brand GAMBINI and TMC. The proposed production line is one of the most modern facilities made by GAMBINI and TMC.

Max paper width 2750 mm
Max  speed:  500  m/min  or  22  logs/min  whatever comes first.

- Complete line from jumbo rolls unwind stand to palletization of final product for
the production of high quality toilet paper, kitchen rolls and AFH products,
combining performance and versatility and able to respond swiftly to advanced
markets demand   
- Wide range of final pack configurations for single or double layer formats selected on the control panel for
quickest change-over

- High speed bundling including all features to transfer, up-end collate and overwrap packs of bathroom
tissue and household towel rolls in neat, tight, completely sealed bundles for transport and distribution

-  Flexible and quick-change embossing unit with or without lamination gives volume to the tissue and
personalizes the bathroom tissue and kitchen towel rolls produced.

-  Robotized palletizing allows direct and safe handling of the final bundles to the transportation and
distribution chain 

GAMBINI – TMC Toilet Kitchen roll line 2750 mm max 500 m/min