Tissueverarbeitung und Verpackung

Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Tissue Kalander 2 Walzen, PCMC 2700 mm

PCMC Nemco - 2 roll Calander 2700 mm net ca 600 m/min

Serviettenmaschine von Omet

Automatic Folder TV 840 with printing and embossing -OMET

•Single Ply tissue 19 gsmpaper

•Parent rolwidth: 45 cm

•Open/folded napkin dimensions: 23x22,5 cm / 11,5x11,5 cm

•Max Speed: 5000 napkins/min

•Stack heigh: between 30 mm and 190 mm pillow pack transfer

•Standard Voltage: 400 VAC –50 Hz

•Machine & Transfer control: Siemens

•Drives: Lenze


Multipack Automatic Tissue Wrapping Machine NK 50

•Main Switch: Siemens

•Standard Voltage: 400 VAC –50 Hz

•Production Speed: up to 60 packs/min

•Pack type: Single and Double

•Wrapping Mat: Polypropylene (20-30 mic/Polyethilen3 30-35 mic) •Machine Hand: Right

•Infeed Hand: Right

Omet 23x22,5 cm / 11,5x11,5 cm

Several different tissue paper converting machines

1. Automatic handkerchief production line - fully automatic. Productivity – 35 packs per minute.

2. Bandsaw with self-sharpening tape for cutting toilet paper and kitchen rolls.

3. Napkin machine with one printing section. Productivity: 500 pieces per minute.

4. Napkin machine with two printing sections.  Productivity: 600 – 650 pieces per minute.

5. Napkin machine. Productivity: 650 – 700 pieces per minute.

6. Production line for cardboard spools. Capacity: 12 meters/~39ft per minute.

7. Production line for toilet paper and kitchen towel rolls. Productivity: 90 tons/198,416 lbs per month.

8.Production machine for toilet paper and kitchen towel rolls with Deco system and lamination. Productivity: 90 tons/198,416 per month.

9. Production machine for toilet paper and kitchen towel rolls. Productivity: 150 tons/330,693 lbs per month.

10. Production machine for V-shaped hand towels with a vacuum-folding system.

Productivity: 1) V – hand towels – 450 pieces per minute. 2) V - fold toilet paper 3x17g / 3x0.60oz - 450 pieces per minute.

11. Unrolling and slitting machine for sanitary paper. Productivity: 4000 – 5000 kilograms/8,818 - 11,023 lbs daily.

Several different tissue paper converting machines

CASMATIC Bundler CMB 150

Technical details:
Infeed:  Automatic
Operation:  Electro-mechanical/pneumatic
Max. machine speed:  14 cycles/min.
Max. production speed:  13 cycles/min.
Roll infeed height:  770 mm
Pack exit height:  1150 mm
Weight:  5500 kg (approx)
Av. size change-over time:  35 min. (approx) 2 Operators
Av. size adjustment time:  20 min. (approx) 2 Operators
Roll change time:  5 minutes
Ambient conditions
• Temperature from +5 to +40°C
• Relative humidity Max. 70%

Air pressure:  6 bar
Compressed air consumption Max.:  800 Nl/min

Installed power:  23.5 KVA
Standard voltage:  3x380/415/440 V (+/- 5%) + earth
Voltage variation:  +/- 5%
Frequency:  50/60 Hz
Neutral wire:  None
Electrical cabinet voltage:  220 V AC
PLC I/O card voltage
• Inputs/outputs 24 V DC
• Solenoid valve outputs 24 V DC
• Contactor outputs 24 V DC

Pack height (H) from 95 to 305 mm
Pack width (W) from 95 to 560 mm
Pack length (L1) from 190 to 560 mm

Pack width (W):  From 330 to 780 mm
Max.:  850 con H 250mm
Max.:  700 con H 345mm
Max.:  720 con H 400mm
Pack length:  (L) From 200 to 800 mm
Pack height:  (H) From 195 to 305 mm
400 mm (Optional)



Damenbindemaschine BICMA

Sanitary Napkins /  towel / pad machine made by BICMA (Germany) in very good condition

Working direction seen from the operator's side: from the right to the left
Fabrication of the products in the machine: lengthwise, (single layer)
Production centre: 225 mm from the mounting plate
Tranfer conveyor height to packaging machine: 1100 mm
production speed.: 120 m/min
air pressure: min. 6 - max.8 bar
air quantity: min. 1500 ltrs/min
water pressure: min. 3 – max. 4 bar
water quantity: min. 100 l/h

BICMA Hygiene Technologie GmbH BI 13-00

Tissue paper converting machines to produce toilet rolls

General information:

Incl. two-color printing unit

Speed up to 450 m/min

Sheet formats 150 sheets or 300 sheets

Production of toilet paper

3 or 4 layers

Section lengths are variable

Working width 2580 mm

Three unrolls


Perini Alfetta

Tissue converting machinery - doubling machine - Embossing calander - small rewinder

Machinery to produce for example high grade table cloths rolls or sanitary requirements

Consisting of

- 4 lay tissue doubling machine

- Embossing calander

- Small rewinder for product rolls

Serviettenmaschine Hobema 14 H 30 x 30 cm

Gebrauchte Serviettenmaschine Hobema 14 H-1

Hobema Napkin machine 14 H-1 30 x 30 cm

Tissue paper converting line for Toilet paper and kitchen rolls

Used tissue paper converting line, to convert tisssue mother rolls into toilet paper or kitchen rolls packed in plastic bags

Perini / Gambini Conveting line for Toilet paper / kitchen roll 2200 mm

Tissue paper converting line to produce and pack toilet paper rolls

Second hand tissue paper converting line to produce packed toilet paper rolls from tissue mother rolls, paper width 2200 mm

Perini Tissue converting line for toilet paper rolls 2200 mm