Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Wasserfilter Auxill 4000mm 240 m³/h

Micro Drum Filter /Wasserfilter

type: MDF 1606

size: 4000 mm

width: 4000 mm

year of manufacturing: 2000

capacity: 240 m³/ h

diamenter approx.: 2000 mm

material:Stainless steel

Auxill Micro drum Filter 4.000 mm 240 m³/h

Bogensieb 1500 mm breite, 0,25 mm

Stainless steel sidehill screen 1500 mm width, 0,25 mm slotted

Bogensieb 1500 mm width


Kleiner Trommelfilter zur Wasserreinigung

Aqua Drum filter approx L: 900 mm d: 700 mm approx 50 m³/ h

Algas Microfilter 70A

Gebrauchte Microfilter:


Net Filter Fläche: 60m²

Masse: L = 6,450 mm - B = 2,800 mm - H = 3,100 mm


Algas 70A


Gebrauchter Trommelfilter

Reko externally fed Drum Screen with 630mm diameter (approx) x 1800mm long wedge wire filter drum. The unit is in Stainless Steel and includes the drum drive, solids take off doctor and internal cleaning shower. Can be used for separation of solids from waste water and process water. The slot size in the wedge wire drum is 0.9mm.


Krofta Supracell 2500 mm

Gebrauchte Krofta Supracell mit ca 2,5 m Durchmesser.

Weitere Infromationen zu dieser Maschine finden Sie auf der Herstellerseite unter diesem Link: http://www.kroftaengineering.com/krofta-supracell.html#4



Krofta 2,5 m Diameter 36 m³ /h

Schwingsieb Rechteck Sweco

Dieses Modell war aber in der Streichfarbenaufbereitung im Einsatz


Wasserfilter Passavant

NOGGERATH® Rotary Drum Screen HRS

For more than 15 years the NOGGERATH® Rotary Drum Screen HRS has been used around the clock in local clarification plants and in many branches of industry for wastewater treatment. Originally, it was developed for the paper industry. This system which has been constantly refined, is among the most reliable systems of its kind.


  • Internal loading: more careful treatment of solid matter
  • Pressureless operation
  • High separation output: Particularly fibrous and greasy solid matter can be separated in contrast to the punched screen construction
  • High amount of solid load of up to 15,000 mg/l
  • Throughput capacity of up to 3,500 m³/h
  • Considerable reduction of waste and operation cost
  • Continuous operation
  • Compact design

Pulp and paper applications

  • Chip pile run-off water
  • Chip wash Water
  • Debarking drum shower water
  • Fiber fractionation
  • Fiber recovery
  • Groundwood mill recycling water
  • Log flume water
  • Paper machine fine effluent
  • Paper rejects separation/thickening
  • Plastics dewatering
  • Pressure screen rejects
  • Reject thickening
  • Saveall
  • Sludge screening/thickening
  • Total mill effluent /plastics removal
  • Wood room effluent


European manufacturer Multi -Drum HRS 4872 3500l/h


Bow screen:

type: 375 mm width

manufacturer: Black Clawson

year of manufacturing: 1990

material: stainless steel


size: 375 mm


width: 375 mm


screen slot: 0.25 mm



Black Clawson 375 mm 375 mm