Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität


Gebrauchter Kletterrechen. Demontiert

KR N2 980 980 mm

Sweco Schwingsieb 1000 mm

Gebrauchtes Sweco Schwingsieb ca 1000 mm Durchmesser

Sweco ca 1000 mm

Wasserfilter Sigma SF 200

This  machine  was  designed  to  clear  the  water  and  to  recover  the separable solids by filtration.

Technical sheet : SIGMAFILTER                                  mod. SF 200

 - Voltage                                                                       400     Volt 

 - Frequency                                                                  50     Hz 

 - Frequency range for drum rotation                      15 ÷ 60    Hz  (do not overtake the maximum value)

 - Installed power :                                       

 - Power of the drum revolution motor                    0.25 kW 

 - Pressures :

 - Raw water to be treated                                           1÷1,2  bar (max value)

 - Washing water (cleaning of wire)                            8  bar


 - Flow rate for specific application                            200       m³/h

 - Max. flow of the filtered water                               140 *    m³/h

 - Max. washing flow rate                                             27       l/m at 8 bar

 - Max. value of the coarse fraction                            60 *    m³/h


 - Acoustic pressure level                                               < 70 dB (A)


 - Max. diameter                                                            1.270     mm 

 - Max. height                                                                 1.850     mm 

 - Opening of filtering wire                                           30    micron


 - Empty total weight                                                     740     Kg 

 - Working total weight                                                 910     Kg 


The value marked with * can change according to the mesh size of the filtering wire.

O.M.C. SF 200 - -

Mikrofilter Algas

Algas Filter mit einer Filterfläche von 90 m²

Trommmeldurchmesser 2400 mm


L: 7400 mm

B: 2800 mm

H: 3100 mm

Algas Microfilter 90 m² filter area -

Sandfilter Hersteller Paques


Paques Astrasand AS 500 50 60 m³/h 60 m³/h

Mikroflotation Krofta SPC 30

Gebrauchte Mikroflotation Krofta SPC 30

Krofta SPC 30 ca 9000 mm diameter 477 m³/h


Kleiner Trommelfilter zur Wasserreinigung

Aqua Drum filter approx L: 900 mm d: 700 mm approx 50 m³/ h


Gebrauchter Trommelfilter

Reko externally fed Drum Screen with 630mm diameter (approx) x 1800mm long wedge wire filter drum. The unit is in Stainless Steel and includes the drum drive, solids take off doctor and internal cleaning shower. Can be used for separation of solids from waste water and process water. The slot size in the wedge wire drum is 0.9mm.


Schwingsieb Rechteck Sweco

Dieses Modell war aber in der Streichfarbenaufbereitung im Einsatz