Refiner / Mahlung

Gebrauchte Doppelscheibenrefiner, konische Refiner sowie Trommelrefiner von verschiedenen Herstellern.

Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Doppelscheibenrefiner 1 SDM

Gebrauchter Doppelscheibenrefiner vom Hersteller Voith Typ 1 SDM, Inkl Garniturverstelleinheit.

Voith 1 SDM

Refiner Voith 05 SDM 18''

Gebrauchter Refiner Voith 05 SDM 18''

Voith 05 SDM 18'' -

Refiner 42'' Sprout Waldron

Gebrauchter Doppelscheibenrefiner vom Hersteller Sprout Waldron 42''


mit Getriebe

Hersteller: Renk

Jahr:  2005

KW: 8500

RPM in: 1500

RPM out: 2158





Sprout Waldron 42 '' TF 2 42 '' -

HC-Homogenisator Andritz

Gebrauchter HC-Homogenisator vom Hersteller Andritz

Andritz HCM3 - -

Doppelscheibenrefiner Escher Wyss DSR 2 HEP

Escher Wyss DSR 2 HEP 2 -

Metso Optifiner pro 1

gebrauchter Radial flow refiner Metso Optifiner pro 1 zu verkaufen

OptiFiner Pro is a revolutionary new refining concept, in which one refiner can replace two traditional refiners and even deliver 30% electrical energy savings. OptiFiner Pro refiners are suitable for all kinds of low consistency refining applications.

Significantly smaller investment cost

High energy efficiency saves in operation costs and supports sustainable development. The reduced number of refiners in the system also reduces maintenance cost, leading to lower entire life cycle cost and less environmental stress.

Unique flow-through technology

The stock is spread evenly across the bars where fiber treatment occurs and later, after the fiber treatment, exits straight out from the refiner. The design ensures that all the stock is treated evenly, providing higher refiner loadability and better energy efficiency.

Exceptional efficiency

OptiFiner Pro enables a remarkably higher installed power and throughput. The refiner’s hydraulic capacity is not sensitive to fillings wear. It’s pumping curve is also lower and more even than with conventional refiners.

Quick and precise power control

Gap control is made by a moving rotor with a new generation loading system comprising of a servo motor and its control.

  • One OptiFiner Pro can replace two traditional refiners and deliver 30% electrical energy savings
  • It reduces no-load power 50%
  • All the stock is treated evenly, providing higher refiner loadability and better energy efficiency
  • Significantly smaller investment cost
  • Suitable for all kinds of low consistency refining applications


Metso Optifiner Pro 1 1 -

Flachkegelrefiner Voith 2 R

Gebrauchter Flachkegelrefiner von Voith.

Voith 2 R 2 15 -150 t/day

Doppelscheibenrefiner Voith 1 SDM

Voith 1 SDM 1

Andritz Refinergarnituren für Voith 0 SDM Refiner

5 Kisten verfügbar:

Unbenützte Refinergarnituren / Mahlplatten für Voith 0 SDM Doppelscheibenrefiner mit 24'' Garniturdurchmesser

Andritz Typenbezeichnung: 24VA0005

Refinr plate 24VA005 DC 17

Andritz Voith 0 SDM 24''

Kegelrefiner Voith 2 R

Second hand conical refiner Voith 2 R

Voith 2 R 15 - 40 t/24h