Gebrauchte Querschneider für die Papierindustrie. Gebrauchte Querschneider für Papier aller Hersteller. Querschneider werden dazu verwendet um fertige Papier- oder Kartonrollen zu Bogen zu verarbeiten.

Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

querschneider Jagenberg 2200 mm

Gebrauchter Querschneider:

Synchro sheeter

Width: 2200 mm

Two unwinds

Five slitters

Jagenberg 400 2200 mm

Querschneider Bielomatik 1650 mm

Gebrauchter Querschneider:

Synchro sheeter

Type: P885

Width: 1650 mm

Three slitter sections

Monomatic flying splice unwind

Two lift tables

Edge Guide

Thickness sensor

Bielomatik P885 1650mm

Querschneider Bielomatik 1650 mm

Gebrauchter Querschneider:

Bielomatik synchro sheeter

Type: P 785

Width: 1650 mm

Three slitter sections

Monomatic flying splice unwind

Two lift tables

Edge guide

Thickness sensor


Bielomatik P785 1650 mm

Querschneider Jagenberg 2100 mm

Gebrauchter Sortierquerschneider Jagenberg, einlagig

jeweils 2 Abrollungen (flying splice)
Palettenwechsler (Palettovitt), Kamerasortierung und Blattzählung
Vmax      400 m/min
Nutzen max    2
Abrolldurchmesser  750-1600 mm
Abrollbreite    500-1600 mm
Formatlänge    550-1600 mm
Formatbreite     450-2x1090 mm
Anzahl Rundmesser   6
Flächengewicht   115-350 g/m²
Messerbelastung  810 g/m²

Jagenberg Sortierquerschneider für Karton 2100 mm 400 m/min

Querschneider Masson Scott DR3W

Gebrauchter Querschneider:

Sheeter for Board

Min. reel width: 550mm

Max. reel width: 2148mm

Min. cut length: 430mm

Max. cut length: 1600mm but only run to 850mm max. due to mill priorities

The sheeter can cut a max. of 4 streams at one time.

Min. stream width: 320mm

Operating speed current 250m/min. Design speed 300m/min

Unwind roll diam.: 1800mm max.

Twin turret floor pick up for 2 rolls. Tension control

Decurling station

Five slitters manual setting

Twin motor drives to cutting section

Overlap section with tape delivery

Layboy with five dividers fitted with vibrators

Taber units for sheet counting

Auto pallet change over system, manual removal of pallet from layboy

Reject layboy to waste conveyor

Electric supply 415volts, 3 phase and 50 cycles

Taber voltage: 110 volts


Masson Scott DR3W synchro cut

Querschneider 2400mm Strecker Bruderhaus

Gebrauchter Querschneider

max. web width: 2400mm

min. web width: appr. 400mm

grammage: 40 - 300gsm

equipment: 2 knife machine - 4 unwinds - electrical cabinet upgraded 10 years ago

electrical consumption: ca. 10 KVA


Strecker bruderhaus 2400mm

Masson Scott Th. 3 DRW Synchro Querschneider

Sheet Cutter:

manufacturer: Masson Scott Engineering Limited UK

year of manufacturing: 1980

modernized and fully repaired: 2007-2008 as new

type: 3DRW / 1000 Synchro

produced for: Coated and uncoated Board & Paper

working width: 2160mm (320mm-2160mmm)

sheet length: 450mm - 1800mm

running speed: max mechanical speed 300 m/min


Masson Scott Engineering Ltd 3 DRW / 1000 synchro 2160mm 300m/min

Querschneider Bielomatik 2600mm

Gebrauchter Querschneider Bielomatik

Arbeutsbreite: max. 2600 mm  - min. 550 mm

Schnitt Breite: 410 - 1230 mm

Schnitt Länge: min.: 500 mm - max 1420 mm

Staple Höhe: 1400 mm

Messer Last: 1000 g/m² max

Format Genauigkeit: 0,2 mm min



Bielomatik Synchro sheet cutter 2600 mm 300m/min