Gebrauchte Querschneider für die Papierindustrie. Gebrauchte Querschneider für Papier aller Hersteller. Querschneider werden dazu verwendet um fertige Papier- oder Kartonrollen zu Bogen zu verarbeiten.

Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Sheet cutter, Strecker Bruderhaus ca1000 mm width 8 unwind stands

Well maintained sheet cutter made by Strecker Bruderhaus

Strecker Bruderhaus ca. 1000 mm

Querschneider Strecker 1600 mm

Gebrauchter Querschneider

Speed max.: 120 m/min (approx. 70 m/min)

Working width max.: 1.630 mm

Cutting width: 400 - 1.630 mm

Cutting length: 400 - 1.650 mm

Reels: min.: 3 reels

Outer diameter max. : 1.060 mm

Rebuilt: 1999 and 2016


Format / sheet cutting of up to 8 reels at the same time

Cutting of multiple format depending on the sheet size

Simoultaneous edge trimming

Automatic splice detection for ejecting the splices

Strecker ECR 1600 1630 mm

DIN A4 Querschneider 1600mm

Gebrauchter Querschneider:

Pockets: 10

Speed: 184 reams/min

Number of unwind stands: 6

Max reel diameter: 1600mm

Max weight: 6500kg

Auto tensio control: yes (calculate)

Diameter base control: yes


Packaging lines:

Wrapping unit: Pemco 39S

Boxing unit: Pemco 162

Label unit: Collamat

Strapping unit: Mosca RO-TRS-4/1

Palletiser: MAK-tekniikka

Pemco SLK 490-216-10-RL max. 450m/min

Kartonquerschneider Jagenberg Simplex Synchro 28, 2400 mm

Jagenberg simplex cross cutter model SYNCHRO 28, 2400 mm working width
for processing various types of cardboard 180 - 450 g/sqm


Cross knife load :       700 - 800 g/sqm depending on the cleanliness of the cut Cutting

Accuracy:                   up to 1000 mm sheet length + 1 mm over 1000 mm sheet length. + 1 0/00 measured on consecutive sheets of the same Role

Longitudinal cut:         narrow cutting width 400 mm

Format range             600 - 1800 mm

max. speed...              250 m/min. in continuous operation: max. speed 150 m/min. when changing stacks with bar grating :

Included in scope of suppy is a pallet packing machine


Jagenberg Simplex synchro sheet cutter SYNCHRO 28 2400 mm ca 200 m/min

Kartonquerschneider Jagenberg 2150 mm

Jagenberg 2150 mm width 2150 mm 350 m/min

Kompakter Querschneider 1400 mm SHM

Comapct sheet cutter

Manufacturer:       SHM - Strachan Henshaw Machinery
Cut width:            1400 mm
Working speed:    200 m/mm max. (depending on material and sheet length)    
Knife load:           600 g/m²
Cut length:           400 mm – 1.500 mm

Unwind stands:    
Unwind reel diameter:    1.000 mm
Reel width:        1.400 mm

Pile height:        1.300 mm (with pallet)
Power supply:    standard three-phase
Air supply:         5,5 bars
Air consumption:   0,085 m³/mn

Machine dimensions:
-    High speed:   Length: 5,2 m
-    Compact:      Length: 3,1 m, Width: 1,9 m, Heigth: 1,9 m   

SHM Strachan Henshaw 1400 mm 200 m/min

Querschneider Jagenberg Synchro 1650 mm, refurbished


Gebrauchter Querschneider vom Hersteller Jagenberg. Diese Maschine wurde  2010 komplett überholt.
Baujahr:                         1991
Überholungen:                 2010 -  Komplette Maschine - Siemens S7
Arbeitsbreite:                  1.650 mm
Abrollungen:                     5
Max Abrolldurchmesser:  1.500 mm
Max Schneidelänge:        1.600 mm
Min Schneidelänge:         420 mm
V -max:                          350 m/min.

Jagenberg 35 - 165 1650 mm 350 m/min

Kartonquerschneider Pasaban 1600

Gebrauchter Kartonquerschneider vom Hersteller Pasaban  1600

Diese Maschine kann im Betrieb besichtigt werden.

Pasaban 1600 mm 1600 mm