Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Tissue Papiermaschine 2200 mm

General information:

Paper machine
Maximum performance with which the machine worked with sheet width 2060 [mm]

Capacity: 39 [ton / day]

Productioon speed: 360 - 400 [m / min] depending on grammage

The range of basis weights produced 30 - 60 gsm

Width of the sheet  after headbox 2200 [mm].


With waste paper stock preparation

- Pulper 15 m³ with feeding conveyor

- Pulper discharge machine and first sorter

- Hett separator with vibrating screen

- Lamort ADS 5 pressure screen

- Pressure screen made by Nelba

- Lamort CH 3 pressure screen

 - Maule Kneater with a capacity of 60 t/day

- Krofta Clarifier

- Voith HD cleaner

- Chest with 5 m³  volume












- - 2060 net width 39 t/24 h

Duplex Kartonmaschine 2590 mm

Duplex board machine
Max width at pope: 2590 mm
9 forming cylinders (diameter: 1250 mm)
Capacity: 75/80 Tpd
Speed: 17 to 60 m/min
Grammage: 320 - 1000 gsm
Product: white/white, grey/grey, brown/grey, white/grey
N°26 dryer cylinders (diameter: 1500 mm) MG cylinder (diameter: 3500 mm) Hood by Brunnschweiler.
QCS: first scanner before dryer section with Sr90 head for grammage and moisture; second scanner before pope, Kripton head
5/6 pope spools
Machine can work with pope winder or bypass the pope and cut directly sheets on a Pizzolato sheet cutter Duplex.

The PM is ready for being removed.

The PM was built in 1979 and renovated, for the first time, in 1988 when we decided to add 5 dryer cylinders to the dryer section and substitute the sheet cutter.

The second big revamping of this machine was done at the end of 2015 in order to improve the quality of the cardboard, to speed up the production and reduce the inefficiencies.
- It was added 2 forming cylinders, and a suction press to the forming section, the stock preparation was importantly improved adding new Kadant’s deflaking and separation systems (hydrapurge, floatpurge, UK300, Liquid Cyclone and a Junk trap).
- In 2015 the electric system, panels, DCS and QCS software, for the automatization of the process. Brand new electric cabins for PM and stock preparation too were totally changed. New software that operates the machine and the stock preparation as well (entire system powered by Eil srl).
- The Steam system was powered by Deublin italiana. It was completely rebuilt, changing joints and siphons for steam and condensate removal. everything operated by Eil Software.
- It has choosen Kadant’s stock preparation changing from a refining stock prep to a deflaking one that helped us to eliminate large particles from broke and keeping the technical resistance of the fibers.


European Duplex Board Machine 2590 mm 75 / 80 tpd

Duplexkarton Papiermaschine 2900 mm

Max width at the pope: 2900 mm

7 forming cylinders ( diam. 1250 mm)

Capacity: 75 tpd

Speed: 17 to 45 m/min

Grammage: 400 - 1000 gsm

Product: white/white, grey/grey, brown/grey, white/grey

N° 26 dryer cylinders (diam. 1500 mm) MG cylinder (diam. 3500 mm)

Hood by Valmet

2 x metering bar coaters BMB, unused because there is no coating color preparation. Installed in 1991

N° 4 dryer cylinders after coater

QCS: first scanner before dryer section with Sr90 head for grammage and moisture, second scanner before pope, Kripton head

5/6 pope spools

Machine can work with pope winder or bypass the pope and cut directly sheets on a Pizzolato sheet cutter

Duplex, 6 slitters

Machine was stopped in 2014

The stock preparation is not included

The PM was built in 1962 and completely renovated in 1992, when the side parts of the wet section were replaced and Valmet totally rebuilt the hood of the dryer section and also 6 dryer cylinders were added. It worked until the end of 2014 when its production was shut down .

One of the best quality of this machine is that it can be operated just by a direct current 145 kwh electric motor, In reference to the forming section, the dryer section and the sheet cutter as well. It conveys the idea of how much energy can be saved with its production.

Gino Celli Duplex board machine 2900 mm 75 tpd

Tissue Papiermaschine

Gebrauchte tissue Papiermaschine

Width at the pope: 2.670 mm

Speed: 1.000 m/min (1.200 m/min)

gsm manufactured: 16 - 38 gsm


Consist of:


Twin wire

Forming roll

2 press rolls against yankee cylinder

Yankee cylinder

3 doctors

Pope reel

Vacuum system

Drive CC

Stock preparation

2 winder


Sulzer Escher Wyss - - 60 tpd

Papiermaschine für MF tissue 3050 mm LOW PRICE

Gebrauchter Papiermaschine für MF tissue

Breite: 4.200 mm

Länge: 34.000 mm

Höhe: 6.500 mm

Max. Arbeitsbreite: 3.050 mm

Min. Grammatur: 17 g/m²

Max. Grammatur: 30 g/m²

Beste Geschwindigkeit: 90 - 95 m/min

Max. Geschwindigkeit: 110 m/min


Consiting of:

    - Pulped system in stainless steel

    - Pumpes, valves and pipes in stanless steel

    - Grinder and filter in cast iron and steel

    - Inlet box and adjustment in stainless steel

    - Maxhine frame in cast iron

    - Maxhine rollers in steel, stainless coated with rubber, glass fibre or copper

    - Bottom frame in cast iron

    - Hood above drying area in aluminium and steel

    - Fan and ventilation in aluminium and steel

    - Glitt in cast iron and steel

    - Rolling up machine in cast iron and steel

    - Knives and frame in cast iron and steel

    - Purificaton system (KROFTA) in stanless stell.

Fullner - 3050 mm 110 m/min

Fluting liner Papiermaschine 5000 mm 590 tato

Machine manufacturer: Voith

Year of construction: 1974

Layers: 5

Design speed: 600 m/min

Grades: Corrugated case material, testliner 1/2/3 high performance fluting , fluting

Grammage range: 100 - 220 GSM

Production: 590 t/day



Voith Cylinder mould 5 units 5000 mm net width 590 t/day

2 lagige testliner, fluting Papiermaschine 4600 mm 420 tato

Machine manufacturer: Voith
Layers: two
Design speed: 460 m/min
Designed for grades: Corrugated Case Material (Testliner 1/2/3, High performance Fluting, Fluting)
Grades (min / max):  100 -220 gsm
Production daily max:  net 420 to/d
Headbox width: 4,60 m
Trim reeler: 4.36 m
Trim net: 4,30

Voith Fourdriner 4600 mm 420 t/day

PM für Fluting und grafisches Papier 4900 mm 330 tato

Machine manufacturer:Voith
Year of construction: 1982 modernization, 1997 Duo Former D and Module Jet Headbox
Layers: one
Designed for grades: Corrugated Case Material or Newsprint
Design speed: 500 m/min at 90 gsm Corrugated Case Material (CCM)
Speed limitation at CCM: drying capacity in post drying section 1000 m/min at 45 gsm Newsprint
Current produced grades:  Corrugated Case Material
Grades (min / max): 70 -100 gsm Corrugated Case Material (Fluting &  Testliner 3) 40 – 60 gsm Newsprint
Production daily max: 330 to/d net
Headbox width: 4.90 m
Trim width at reeler: 4.67 m

Voith Fourdriner 4900 mm 330 t/day

Papiermaschine 4200 mm

Gebrauchte Papiermaschine mit Stoffaufbereitung für Zellstoff

Breite: ca 4200 mm

Siebbreite: 4400 mm

Grammaturbereich: 40 - 140 GSM

Kapazität: 50.000 t/ Jahr

Mit Stoffaufbereitung für Zellstoff


European Fourdriner 4400 mm wire width 50.000 t/year

Fluting paper machine 3300 mm

used paper machine
Manufacturer: Valmet
Working width: 3300
Reconstructed: 1979
Capacity: 90 t/24 h

Valmet Fourdriner 3300 mm 90 t/day