Ausrüstung und Verarbeitung

Gebrauchte Maschinen für die Druck- und Papierindustrie; Gebrauchte Maschinen zum Schneiden von Papier, Pappe und Zellstoff, Wickelmaschinen für Papierrollen; Gebrauchte Riesverpackungsmaschinen, Gebrauchte Abwickelmaschinen für Papierrollen, Gebrauchte Papierkalander us.w.

Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Kleiner Schrumpftunnel

kleiner Schrumftunnel - Verpackungsmaschine


Fix / Italy - - -

Perfecta Polygraph 107

Kleiner preiswerter Planschneider in allgemein gutem Zustand

6,2 Kw

220 V



Perfecta Bautzen Polygraph 107 107 cm

ECH Will DIN A4 Linie mit Verpackung


Gebrauchte DIN A4 Papier Linie,  mit Verpackungslinie

Manufacturer Will      

Manufacturing Year    1974
Paper width mm    1150      

Type    SLK 115      
Speed m/min    250      

Max unwind.    1500      

Complete A4-Line with wrapping line

Five reel unwinding stand
lifting carriage from floor level
reel centering cart in the floor
Over head paper transfer, five paper web decurlers

Main Will machine
Punching unit for holes, DIN 2, DIN 4, as well as Scandinavian standards
Slitting station with six slitters
trim suction with trim fan
Dust removal
Syncro Fly rotary cutting head set up for cutting length of 297 mm
(max rotary 1000 cuts per min)
Max knife load 420 gsm
Paper delivery in 5 pockets
PLC-Siemens S-7 300, added in 2009
Main drive: AC motor 30 Kw with Vacon VFD

possibility to add a cover sheet

Wrapmatic A4 ream wrapper
Nordson gluing station.
Unwinding stand for either paper or plastic, cutting with "cut to print" possible
Heat sealing at exit of wrapper
PLC - Siemens S7-300
Label machine

Possibility to bypass ream wrapper to put directly in boxes

Stacker, made Will
Type ACCU-25, made in 1993
rebuilt with safety gates in 2004
PLC- Siemens S7-300

Made by Meco Pack AB (Sweden)
Carton box maker and lid making boxing machine
Made in 1996
Label machine at exit, also with possibility for ink marking

Mosca strapping machine
with one turning table before and one after.
Able to put one or two straps, either cross or lengthwise.
Siemens PLC

Palletising machine
Automatic with possibility for several different patterns of palletising.
Made by Leng in 2004, (Sweden)

Will SLK115 1150 mm 250 m/min

Kleinumroller für verschiedene Anwendungen

SIA s1659 1200 mm 100 m/min

Streichmaschine 1200 mm

Working speed: 100 M/H with 3 Coaters

Paper GSM: 40 GSM up to 200 GSM



Max Paper roll: 1200  mm 2 Unwind Unit

1 Air Shaft Roll - φ74 mm

1 Air Shaft Roll - φ150 mm

1 Electromagnetic powder brake

2 Air system – Unwind Brakes

2 Air shaft Rolls


Coating Units

3 Air Knifes:

2 Air knife coating system – Front Paper Coat

1 Air knife coating system – Back paper Coat

1 Blower Air System For Air – knife System

3 Stages Heat Dryer “American – Thermanics” System 1 Heavy Duty Industrial Oven


Coating Units

3 Air Knifes:


2 Air knife coating system – Front Paper Coat

1 Air knife coating system – Back paper Coat

1 Blower Air System For Air – knife System

3 Stages Heat Dryer “American – Thermanics” System 1 Heavy Duty Industrial Oven


1 Blower Air System For Oven System

1 Exhaust Blower System

1 Automatic Colling System Chiller

2 Cold Dryer Cylinder


Forward/Reverse Rewind Unit

Web Guide System – Works by Linear Actuator
Calander: 1 Metal Cylinder Size φ300×1300
Calander: 1 Rubber Cylinder Size φ420×1300
2 hydraulic cylinder
1 hydraulic cylinder oil pump
1 Air Shaft Roll - φ74 mm
1 Air Shaft Roll - φ150 mm
Including with the machine 2.20 Tons of thermal paper chemicals


Location outside the EU. We put you through to seller.

1200 mm 100 m/h

Planschneider Polar Mohr 137

Planschneider Polar Mohr 137

Polar Mohr 137 1370

Rotationsrollen Umroller 1400 mm

Rotationsrollen – Umroller


Wilky & Abelsmann GmbH / PVM - Düsseldorf

Baujahr: 1980

Maximale Arbeitsbreite: 150 cm

Maximaler Abwicklungsdurchmesser: 140 cm

Maximaler Aufwicklungsdurchmesser: 140 cm

Hydraulische Abrollung mit

pneumatischer Scheibenbremse

pneumatische Messer

maximale Geschwindigkeit 250lfm/min

Achslose Abwicklung mit Rollenhebung ,

Krahn für Abwicklung.

Wilky & Abelsmann GmbH / PVM - Düsseldorf floor pick up - shaftless 1400 mm 250 m/min

Umroller Titan 1500 mm

Max. Stegbreite (mm): 1600
Arbeitsbreite (mm): 1500

Abroll -Typ : Spindel
Max. Abrollung: 1000
Max Durchmesser Rollen - Abwicklung: 800
Abroll - Typ: Double shaft center driven
Max Abwicklung: 610
Max Durchmesser Rollen - Abwicklung: 600
Strom: 45 KVA Elektrische Spannung: 380-415 V elektrischer Strom: 63A Max Hydraulisch: 100BAR Max Pneumatisch: 7 BAR

Überholung: 2012

Titan SR6 1500 mm

Wet wipes packing machine

Antibacterial Disinfecting WET Wipes PACKAGING MACHINE

Suitable for Antibacterial Disinfecting wipes, ideal for personal care, home surfaces, offices, and schools.
It’s a seal sachet packaging machine with horizontal packaging roll flowing, capable of producing wet wipe sachets from 50x50mm to 140x160mm, filling disinfection detergent. The machine is equipped with colored HMI, offering all advantages of using industrial computer like controlling the speed of the machine, changing the packet and the towel dimensions, activate/deactivate the photo cell unit changing the length of the pouch and so on. It is a CE certificated machine with safety doors.

- Robust machine construction
- PLC Control System
- 7’’ Touch Screen
- Smooth Operation
- No Need for Air Compressor
- Counting System
- Easy to clean and maintenance
- Easy to change sachet and wipe dimensions
- V Notch for easy open


Machine Specifications:
- Capacity: 75-90 sachet/ min
- Control System: PLC / Touch Screen
- Sachet Dimensions: Min 50x50 mm : Max 120x160 mm
- Wipes Dimensions (Unfolded): Min 90x90 mm : Max 240x240 mm
- Electricity: 1 Phase 220 Volt: 2,5 KW/H
- Compressed Air: 80 L/Min only in Gripper model otherwise no need.
- Machine Dimensions: Width: 180 mm, Length: 180 mm, Height: 170 mm
- Machine Weight: 650 kg including the non-woven roll stand

Gutenberg Wet wipes packing 16 90

Umroller 1600 mm Ashe

Gebrauchter Umroller

Arbeitsbreite: 1600 mm

Geschwindigkeit: 1000 m/min

Max. speed: 700 mpm

Max. web width: 1650 mm

Max. unwind dia.: 1300 mm

Max. unwind weight: 2.000 kg

Max. rewind dia.: 800 mm

Max. rewind weight: 400 kg

Ashe 1600 mm 1000 m/min