Ausrüstung / Verarbeitung

Gebrauchte Maschinen für die Druck- und Papierindustrie; Gebrauchte Maschinen zum Schneiden von Papier, Pappe und Zellstoff, Wickelmaschinen für Papierrollen; Gebrauchte Riesverpackungsmaschinen, Gebrauchte Abwickelmaschinen für Papierrollen, Gebrauchte Papierkalander us.w.

Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Schrumpftunnel Gramegna Champion

Gebrauchter Schrumpftunnel

Gramegna Champion

Toilet roll saw PC 200 Perini

Gebrauchte Perini Saw PC 200

2 feeds

blade sharpening - ceramic

Saw 610 mm

380 V log cut lengths: 90 - 260 mm, diams 90 - 120 mm


Perini Toilet roll Log saw PC 200 100 cuts / minute

Umroller Metso Winbelt 2800 mm

Used Valmet Winbelt 2800mm Wide Winder for Sale


Manufacturer         -        Valmet
Type                -             Winbelt - Twin Drum
Working width        -        2800mm
Year of make        -         1995
Unwind Roll diameter    -        1500mm dia
Rewind Roll diameter    -        1500mm dia
Machine speed        -        1500 MPM
Substance weight    -        40 – 400  GSM
Number of slitters    -        5 pneumatic slitters with machine    
The Machine is 690V but have added a transformer to drop to 415v and 180 amp supply to run the machine.

Totally rewired with new sensors for the winding section, and for the limits.

New power supply section for the S5 PLC

Unwind section has brake generator running tension up to 500 n/m

The drive system is ABB and all manuals are present  also have every mechanical manual around 15 for the machine.



Valmet Winbelt - Double drum 2800 mm 1500 m/min

Tissue Umroller 2800 mm Boauso

Gebrauchter Umroller für Tissue




Boauso - 2800 mm -

Kleiner Schrumpftunnel

kleiner Schrumftunnel - Verpackungsmaschine


Fix / Italy - - -

Verpackungsmaschine Cassoli

Gebrauchte Verpackungsmaschine vom Hersteller Cassoli für Toilettenpapier

Cassoli - - -

Toilet Roll/Kitchen Roll Perini Tissue Winder

Toilet Roll/Kitchen Roll Perini Tissue Winder with log saw
Year of make  1999
Working width - 2700mm
Model    716 B
Fully programmable in winder and log saw
Unwind width = 2700mm
Unwind diameter = 1200mm
Core dia = 70mm
Power Supply = 380 Volts - 3 Ph  50 Hz
54 kW  -  50 kA
The Machine and can be seen running.
Perini Toilet Roll/Kitchen Roll Perini Tissue Winder 2700 mm -

Rewinder Vari Roll Jagenberg 4200mm

Gebrauchter Rewinder

Vari Roll

Width: 4200 mm

Speed: 1000 m/ min

Max. Slit with 4200 mm

Roll floor pick up and lowering


Jagenberg Vari Roll 4200 mm 1000 m/min

Querschneider Jagenberg 2200 mm

Gebrauchter Querschneider:

Synchro sheeter

Width: 2200 mm

Two unwinds

Five slitters

Jagenberg 400 2200 mm -

Querschneider Bielomatik 1650 mm

Gebrauchter Querschneider:

Synchro sheeter

Type: P885

Width: 1650 mm

Three slitter sections

Monomatic flying splice unwind

Two lift tables

Edge Guide

Thickness sensor

Control: Siemens S 5

Automatic pallet change

Bielomatik P885 1650mm -