PM Tissue Papier

Zu Verkaufen: Gebrauchte Papiermaschinen um Tissuepapier herzustellen, Tissuemaschinen

Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Krepppapiermaschine 2280 mm

Gebrauchte Krepppapiermaschine zu verkaufen

2280 mm 650 m/min

Tissue + MG Papiermaschine 4700 mm

Paper production line for tissue and MG paper, The machine is currently in operation.
Main characteristics
•  Manufacturer      Voith
•  Type        Fourdrinier with solid breast roll
•  Year of construction   1970 ies
•  Continuously updated from year 2000 - 2012
•  Nominal width (head box)  4700 mm
•  Paper width on the rewinder  4450 mm
•  Trimmed width     4350 mm  
•  Design speed      650 m/min
•  Operating speed    600 m/min
•  Type of paper      Tissue / MG
•  Grammage      17-50 gsm
•  Max production     50 T/day
•  Raw material      from 100% recycled to 100% pulp
•  Drive type       DC

European manufacturer Tissue and MG paper machine 4700 mm - headbox 600 m/min

Tissue Papiermaschine 2760 mm

For sale second hand tissue paper machine

Manufacturer:     Voith
Type:       Duoformer TCW
Year of construction:   1982
Nominal width:    2760 mm
Trimmed width    2730 mm
Design speed:   1500 m/min  
Production speed:  1500 m/min
Grammage:    14 to 26 GSM
Production:    90 ton/day (Max production)
Raw material:    Virgin pulp
Drive voltage:    400V 50 Hz
Machine Drive type:  (AC-400V)  
Hood Drive type:   POWER electronics AC
DCS:      Allen Bradley SLC5
Major rebuilds:   1991 new yankee dryer
  2000 DC to AC conversion
  2007 Headbox refurbishment
  2009 New hood burners
  2015 suction press roll inox refurbishment
  2017 new AC drives
Key products:    Toipa and kitchen paper

Voith Duoformer TCW 2760 90 t/day

Tissue paper machine crescent former


Manufacturer: Overmeccanica

type: Crescent former

year of construction: 1980 ies

nominal width: 2780 mm

trimmed width 2720 mm

design speed: 1300 m/min (1400 m/min achievable with blind press roll gear box substitution)

production speed: up to 1300 m/min

grammage: 14 to 25,5 GSM

production: 77 ton/day (Max production)

raw material: Virgin pulp

drive voltage: 400V 50 Hz

machine Drive type: (DC-440V)

hood Drive type: ABB DC

DCS: Siemens WinCC

major rebuilds: 1990ies Machine change from double wires to Crescent former (by Recard).

2014 Machine Drives upgrade to ABB DCS 800

Key products: all type hankies, napkins, facials, toipa, & kitchen towel


Overmeccanica Crescent former 2780mm 77 tpd

Tissue Papiermaschine 2700 mm

Gebrauchte Tissue Papiermaschine mit Stoffaufbereitung für Getränkekarton

Arbeitsbreite: 2,7m

Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit: 200m/min


Over Mechanica 2700 mm 10-12 tpd

Tissuemaschine 2200mm

Neue Tissuemaschine 2200mm:

it consists of technological line for production Tissue paper with capacity 20 T/D from 100 % virgin pulp and one Tissue machine working width 2,2 m capacity 10 T/D.
China 10t/d

Tissue Papiermaschine 15 t/24 h

See below file for download.

Recard 2310 mm trim 15 t/d

Tissuemaschine 2700 mm

Tissue machine:

manufacturer: Beloit

type: suction breast roll former

year of manufacturing: 1971

major rebuilds: 1984 drying system and 2004 Yankee cylinder

nominal width: 2720mm

trimmed width: 2680mm

design speed: 1600m/min

production speed: up to 1550m/min

grammage: 14 to 23GSM

production: 55 - 65ton/day

raw material: virgin pulp

drive voltage: 400V 50Hz

machine drive type: ABB (DC-440V)

Hood drive type: Siemens DC


key products: all type hankies, napkins, facials, toipa and kitchen towel

Without rewinder





Beloit Suction press roll aprox 2700 mm 1500m/min